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The whole world of item – at a glance and in one place

Whether frame constructions, racks for material supply, ergonomic work benches or 3D engineering from the comfort of your web browser – all that is just a small corner of the huge world of item.

The following graphic offers a neat overview of our solutions for boosting added value. Simply click the blue dots to find out more about the various elements.

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Explore Easy, Time-Saving Engineering

This free design program allows you to carry out rule-based 3D design directly in your browser and on any end device. At the touch of a button, this online design program can provide you with all the project documentation you need, plus CAD data in the required format. Did you know that utilizing the item Engineeringtool can help you achieve up to 93% time savings in a 3D design process compared to classic CAD Design tools?


Create with the Revamped WBS Configurator

Planning an assembly work bench system has been simplified. The new, revamped item Work Bench Configurator allows you to put together your very own ergonomic work bench for manual production in a 3D view with drag-and-drop controls as well as smart functions, like visualizing the Electrostatic Protected Area (EPA) to offer additional safety while saving time.



Robots in industrial production can help human employees lighten their workload and – indirectly – even protect them. To ensure robots are able to seamlessly switch between applications and still perform reliably in general, they need a suitable support structure. This is where the flexibility of robots in industry and the versatility of item’s modular concept find common ground. If you don’t want to start designing from scratch, you can choose to use customizable, preconfigured solutions as a jumping-off point.


Make the best possible use of resources and material zones

The item Solution Center is a new tool designed to feature real solutions in action, providing inspiration where needed. View renderings and real photos of solutions created by item Experts to meet customers’ needs and solve their problems. If you see one that could work well to remedy issues in your own facility, it could be implemented as-is or customized to better meet your needs.


The sign of a high-quality fastener

Constructions made of aluminium profiles are more than a match for their steel counterparts and bring additional advantages to your projects. Find out more in the item Blog!


Wide-ranging expertise in the item Academy

item Experts are now available online, providing regular webinars on a variety of topics. Stay up-to-date on the latest webinars by registering for the item Academy , and access item Expertise at any time with the click of a button.