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If you are working on new machinery, factory equipment, or work benches, you will find in-depth information, whitepapers, and new ideas.

Modern machine building

The MB Building Kit System speeds up design and construction of machines and factory equipment. It’s a proven solution with more than 3,000 components

Ergonomic work benches

Work smarter with adjustable tables and work benches. Increase productivity and decrease sick leave with ergonomic solutions.

Secure stairways and platforms

Discover clever and safe ways to maximize space in your factory. Learn to construct stairways and platforms that conform to all mandatory safety regulation.

Efficient intralogistics

Optimize your production with a perfect internal material flow. The easy transfer of goods and parts is the foundation of a continuous manufacturing process.

Lean Production

Reduce waste in your production processes through continuous improvements. The item profile tube system makes it easy modify and enhance your equipment on the go.

Easy automation

Lower your engineering costs with the item Automation System. Every item linear unit is individually built and preconfigured. Just install and go!

Services and solutions

Use shortcuts to turn your idea into reality! Advanced configurators, planning tools, and custom solutions speed up your development process.

Ergonomic design

Research shows that ergonomic measures offer a high return on investment. Design to keep employees healthy, productive, and motivated.

Safety first

Protect your employees and eliminate risks. Integrate guards and enclosures into your workspace for maximum efficiency.

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