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Karakuri/LCA typically costs around 80 to 90 percent less than comprehensively automating production processes – but delivers a similar level of efficiency. Discover the benefits of low-cost automation with item.

The following infographic offers you a more detailed overview, providing examples of how Karakuri/LCA helps generate added value. Simply click the red dots to find out more.

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Just a small number of components can help you significantly improve manual processing work and put your own Karakuri/LCAapplications into use with item.

Plain Bearings D40/D30

Plain Bearings D40/D30 are the basis for low-cost automation (LCA). They support a rotating motion because Profile Tube D40/D30 encompasses the load-bearing D30 profile and can be rotated around its axis without generating friction. Locking Ring D30 secures the position of the Plain Bearing D40/30 along its axis.

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Release Unit D30

Compact Release Unit D30 makes it extremely easy to build customised shooters for loading and unloading flow racks.

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Roller D39.5-25

The ball-bearing mounted Roller D39.5-25 provides reliable guidance for components.

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Drawbar D25-686

Drawbar D25-686 links transport trolleys together or can form a connection with a tugger. Drawbar D25-686, Self-Lifting is particularly ergonomic and back-friendly.

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Roller conveyor

Various types of roller conveyor help keep the supplies coming in from Kanban shelves. Making sure everything keeps on flowing.

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Braking castor D30-23

Braking Castor D30-23 keeps things moving at a consistent speed, even on steep gradients and when working with heavy objects. As containers can start moving again, a FIFO rack or Karakuri/LCA solution can be automatically unloaded.

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Productive and creative: Low-cost automation that lasts

Profile Tube System D30 from item can be used to build intelligent Karakuri/LCA applications that exploit the laws of gravity and mechanics for their own purpose. Make the most of fasteners that exhibit long-term stability without having to be retightened - as if by magic. Maintenance investment is reduced and efficiency increased. Cost-effective automation solutions can thus play an important part in keeping you competitive.

Multi-storey gravity flow rack for compact material supply

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Karakuri/LCA bridge between storage and production areas

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FIFO lift operated by AGVs

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