Stay safe! Why machine safety matters

When it comes to machine safety, it is generally better to avoid hazards in the first place. The ultimate aim is always to produce a design or construction that is inherently safe. It is only when a hazard cannot be entirely avoided that technical and organizational measures should be deployed.

Proper documentation is required
To prevent the creator and the operator of a machine from certain liabilities, it is mandatory to assess machine safety when building new plants. And even if existing machinery has been altered, a new conformity assessment should always be conducted.

Why you need to keep the users in mind
One particularly demanding aspect of a machine safety evaluation is that it is not limited to assessing only the hazards associated with correct use. It also has to take into account "reasonably foreseeable use". This covers actions that an operator might take in contravention of guidelines because doing so could bring benefits that are gained by circumventing safety measures.

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